Digital Technologies Professional Learning: Humpty Doo Primary

Sue Carter Article ImageSue Carter, Northern Territory Digital Technologies Project Officer, is conducting a range of professional learning opportunities for teachers to assist with their knowledge and understanding of the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies. In this article she shares her experience of running a full day professional learning event with staff at Humpty Doo Primary School.

Planning Digital Technologies for 2017, the staff at Humpty Doo Primary School participated in a full day professional learning event that included theory, practical activities and registration for the F-6 CSER online MOOC.

The day started out with a little theory on the ten key concepts behind the Digital Technologies curriculum along with understanding Computer Science and Computational Thinking concepts. There was also a need to distinguish the difference between ICT Capability (using technologies) and the new learning area of Digital Technologies (creating solutions).

After morning tea the teachers enjoyed interactive activities with Spheros, Ozobots, Makey Makey, BeeBots, Scratch Cards, LittleBits, Google Expeditions and Unplugged activities. Some examples included creating a musical piano with Plasticine and the Makey Makey, coding with Scratch cards and programming experiences with the range of robotic devices.  These hands-on experiences allowed teachers to discuss challenges and opportunities for classroom integration with other learning areas.

After lunch the whole group registered for the F-6 CSER MOOC and started the first activity locating themselves on the google Map and posting introductions in the Google+ community. They then worked through Unit 1. The rest of the afternoon was an opportunity to explore the resources available in the Digital Technologies Hub.

In total there were 36 teachers ranging from Preschool to Year 6 and included specialist teachers. A preschool teacher commented that she expected the workshop to be boring but instead found the day to be thoroughly entertaining. Feedback for the day was positive and Sue is looking forward to follow up visits to the school in 2017.

Sue will be hosting a series of short workshop activities (and PL-in-a-Box sessions) in Darwin on Monday afternoons from 3:30-5:00 and code SPARK Cafes on Thursday afternoons throughout 2017.

Any schools interested in a pupil free day workshop to develop their understanding of the Digital Technologies curriculum should contact Sue Carter via email: , phone (08) 89449247 or mobile: 0477 888 670.

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