CSER Digital Technologies – 2 Day Immersion (WA)

CSER has partnered with AISWA to provide a CSER Digital Technologies course immersion event, presented by our Western Australia CSER member, Steven Payne. This is an opportunity for ANY teacher or school leader to be intensively upskilled in Digital Technologies subject concepts and skills over a 2 consecutive day course via completion of the (AITSL accredited and certified) CSER MOOC (online course). While this course could be done in a teacher’s own time, finding the uninterrupted time to do that is the issue and this immersion opportunity will help!

For schools that are committed to ensuring at least one staff member is fully informed about this subject before the beginning of 2017, this is an opportunity to support a staff member to complete the course. The cost to an AISWA member school will be 2 days of teacher relief. There is no charge for the course. The participants should be certified by the end of the 2 days.

This day will begin with an overview of the Digital Technologies subject and provide information about how the federally-funded and internationally acclaimed CSER MOOC has been designed to support teachers in their understanding of important fundmental concepts and skills in the Digital Technologies subject. This is will be presented by Jan Clarke and Steven Payne, the Western Australian support officer for CSER. After this brief introduction, Steven will assist participants to enrol in the CSER MOOC and ensure everyone is off to a good start.

Although working side by side, the course will be completed individually, as it would be at any other time. Bring headphones! Some contribution to an online community is expected as part of the course and this gives participants access to the ideas and resources of others. Working in a quiet group environment also gives time for networking and clarification during breaks.

If you’d like to know more and to register for this opportunity, please visit here.

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