CSER Workshops in the Pilbara region, WA

Steven Payne, our Western Australia CSER member, will be shortly running a series of Professional Learning sessions across schools in the Pilbara region of WA, providing a great example of the kinds of support that the CSER Digital Technologies Program can provide.

The trip kicks off at St, Paul’s Primary School, Karratha, on the 21st February with a 2-hour workshop for local teachers and school leaders (from about 12 schools), during which Steven will introduce the CSER digital technologies programs, work through some activities and discuss how our resources can support schools in the delivery of the digital technologies curriculum. For the rest of the week, Steven will be providing support to teachers in different schools with different activities. Schools booked in for visits include: Wickham Primary School, Baynton West Primary School, Dampier Primary School, St Paul’s Primary School, and Roebourne District High School.

Within these workshops, Steven will be providing:

1) Overview of the CSER MOOCs – teachers getting registered and started on the exciting online learning journey
2) Trying out unplugged digital technologies activities for different age groups
3) Examples of integrating digital technologies into different learning areas, e.g. maths, English, science
4) Working through the PL-in-a-Box resources, showing how teachers and leaders can support other staff with bitesize PL
6) Showing examples of resources and lesson activities for a particular aspect of DT e.g. algorithms, data representation, information systems, programming, etc.

If you are interested in discussing how we could work with your school or region to support CSER Digital Technologies, please contact us here!

At the same time, our colleagues and collaborators in Western Australia, Scitech will be running a series of events also in the Pilbara. Scitech are providing ongoing STEM support for teachers and a Science Enquiry Skills workshop, and running the Karratha Math Gala on the 25th February with teacher workshops, leadership seminars and a Family Fun Math Arvo for parents and students. For further information on the Scitech events, please click here.

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