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We’re calling on you to inspire educators, parents, counsellors and school leadership and to spread the message about the importance of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

75% of jobs of the future will require STEM skills, yet many students today are shying away from STEM subjects. One challenge is that “STEM” is often perceived as an abstract concept and many people have little understanding of what STEM careers are and involve, and the impact of STEM on our society.

In partnership with Refraction Media, we have created a new theme PL-in-a-Box pack, “Careers with STEM”, supporting educators, outreach and professional learning providers to deliver a presentation or workshop session on building awareness of careers and opportunities in STEM.

This session leverages Refraction Media’s highly successful (free) Careers with STEM magazine series and educator resources as a basis for providing your presentation with inspiring stories of professionals working in STEM, STEM statistics, and ideas for how their free online magazine and educator resources can be used in professional development workshops and in the classroom.

The slide deck, provided by Refraction Media, has been used to deliver presentations to all sectors across Australia and they have made this resources freely available to you, with speaker notes, to be an ambassador of STEM careers so that you can share this message far and wide!

Careers with Code Magazine, Refraction Media

Our free PL-in-a-Box packs include downloadable and customisable slide decks with facilitator notes, additional supporting resources including images and video content, and suggestions for workshop session activities.

Refraction Media’s Careers with STEM magazine series includes Careers with Code, Careers with Maths, Careers with Science and Careers with Engineering. As our PL-in-a-Box materials are released under creative commons licensing, it means you can freely download, remix and re-share the resource to suit your context and needs. You may choose to run a general STEM presentation or workshop, or use our additional resources and facilitator notes to tailor the pack to target a specific STEM field.

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