News: We’re seeking your feedback!

Have you ever registered for our F-6 Foundations MOOC?

We are seeking feedback from people who registered for our F-6 Foundations MOOC. This includes those who never completed or those who just registered to have a skim through the resources, as this information is just as valuable to us! This is your opportunity to let us know about your professional learning experience and about your continued experience with implementing Digital Technologies in classrooms, schools or as a professional learning facilitator.

We would like to invite you to participate in our online survey. We are seeking responses from people who had enrolled in the MOOC, starting from our very first release in 2014 until today. We are seeking responses from people with a variety of motivations for joining our MOOC, and from people with a variety of experiences.

We would like to know what worked, what didn’t, what you found useful and the impact that it has had on your professional practice, whether that be in the classroom, teaching pre-service teachers, in a leadership capacity, or something else.

Your responses will help us to better understand your experience in our course, how we can improve our courses, and what continued support teachers require to implement Digital Technologies in the classroom.










We would expect that this survey would take 15-20 minutes for you to complete. We know that this is a large commitment of your time, however we would greatly appreciate your support so that we can work towards improving and expanding our program.

We will be able to share our findings back to the education community as well as areas that we have identified as important for targeted support and improvement.

This research has been approved by the University of Adelaide Human Research Ethics Committee (approval number H-2014-103). If you wish to discuss with an independent person, please contact the Human Research Ethics Committee’s Secretariat on phone (08) 8313 6028 or by email to

We greatly appreciate your time and your feedback.

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