News: Contribute to the digital economy strategy

DigitalEconomyStrategy_Twitter_openConv_d1The Australian Government Department of Industry, Innovation and Science is now seeking views on Australia’s digital economy strategy consultation paper.

‘Digital economy’ refers to the range of economic and social activities that are enabled by ICTs. It includes activities like banking, buying and selling, and accessing education or entertainment using the internet and connected devices.

The digital economy plays a critical role in the education sector, having a significant impact on teachers, students, families, schools and communities and the way that individuals and communities access resources and educational opportunities. We feel that this is a valuable opportunity for the Australian education community, including teaching associations, to contribute to the discussion that shapes our shared digital future.

The Digital Economy Strategy will launch in 2018 and outline the benefits of Australia’s digital transformation. It will focus on how the government, the private sector and the community can work together.

Review the paper and have your say now in the consultation phase, before November 30, 2017. Visit the Digital Economy Strategy website at

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