Where do you start with Digital Technologies?

The Digital Technologies Hub have released a new scope and sequence to support teachers and schools to implement the Digital Technologies Curriculum. 

This resource provides a possible set of sequenced topics that could be used in teaching the curriculum to address the content descriptions. Units are organised under relevant topics (e.g. digital systems, digital solutions) for each year level band, with an overview and a visual map of the content descriptors and key elements. Each unit is organised into a sequence of four key elements with a summary of the key focus and what to teach, targeted supporting resources, assessment advice and support for differentiation through the provision of a matrix based on the SOLO taxonomy.

scope and sequence activity

Example of the Digital Technologies scope and sequence

This is a fantastic resource, with lots of great ideas and resources, especially for teachers and schools who want to know where to start, or for those seeking to build a whole-school approach to Digital Technologies implementation.

The K-10 Assessment work we have been doing with the Digital Technologies Hub will be able to be used alongside this scope and sequence, providing an extended set of resources to support teachers to assess student learning. We’ll announce when this goes live!

View the website:

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