Your Stories – St Francis – Tannum Sands QLD

Submitted by Meredith Grove, Assistant Principal, St Francis Catholic Primary School

Digital Technologies is an area that can be both exciting and daunting for a classroom teacher. Through the generosity of the CSER Library at the University of Adelaide, the path forward has been engaging and positive for the students (and teachers) at St Francis Catholic Primary School, Tannum Sands.

Throughout the semester, students across all year levels used Sphero to support their learning in Digital Technologies. The Visual Programming platform through the iPad app enabled students to transfer their prior knowledge of Tynker and Scratch platforms quite easily.

The kit of 12 Spheros was received with delight by the Robotics Club members who met weekly at 1st Break.  The Drive mode provided time to experiment and explore the colour and movement features of the device before moving into the Programming aspects.  Students were challenged to create a mode of transport (using cups and collage items) that could connect to Sphero and then transport a refugee through harsh terrain.

Preps teamed up with their Year 6 buddies to explore the features of Sphero. Year 1 students created programs that drove Sphero to work, home again and then out for a walk down the garden path!  Year 4 students turned Sphero into a Beep Test Buddy Coach that rolled along and spoke incentives as students worked through a Beep Test.

St Francis extends heartfelt gratitude to the CSER lending library for their support of Digital Technologies through the provision of devices for use by students.


Thank you Meredith and the team at St Francis for sharing your learning experiences with the CSER community!

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