Your Stories: Jabiru Area School (NT) hosts Computational Thinking Expo

By CSER Project Officer, Suzanne Carter, working with Holly Harlow, Classroom Teacher at Jabiru Area School.

Class 4/5H from Jabiru Area School held a highly engaging Digital Technologies Expo for the whole school. Using the Mixed Kit from the CSER National Lending Library, the class spent the term learning about computational thinking through the use of Bee-Bots, Ozobots, Sphero’s and Makey Makeys.

To showcase their learning they wanted to work with the whole school through an expo-style event all about Computational Thinking and invited all classes from Pre-school to Year 9. The event was hosted in November. The school were also thrilled to have Hon Selena Uibo, the NT Minister for Education and Minister for Workforce Training attend! 

Class 4/5H had prepared a host of activities for the expo. Students who attended the event were able to navigate the Bee-Bots along a pathway, draw tracks for the Ozobots to follow, create music with Makey Makeys and experience Sumo Wrestling with the Spheros! The expo lifted both student and staff curiosity and the drive to learn more about Digital Technologies and go beyond the “game”.

After the event, the school principal noted; “The Education Minister was left with a strong impression of the learning power of Digital Technologies and its importance in STEM. The school council members that attended were also excited and impressed with the learning children displayed. Thank you so much for your commitment to student learning at Jabiru”.





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