Welcome to our new MOOC Communities site!

Our CSER MOOCs Google+ Communities have moved to WordPress! We have over 15,000 members across our four CSER MOOC Google+ Communities and we greatly value your contributions. Together the CSER community has generated thousands of posts sharing wonderful insights and suggestions about your learning and teaching practices in the implementation of the Digital Technologies curriculum.

As you would be aware Google+ is being closed by Google on the 2nd of April 2019. After some consideration, we have decided to create a central WordPress site to host all of our MOOC Communities, whereby you can become an active contributor to a shared MOOC Community page! WordPress enables a user to easily create a free account and join our site to become a contributor. 

The Details

The CSER MOOCs remain unchanged and they are still accessible via the home page. MOOC participation and completion processes are not affected by the changes to our communities.  You will continue to be able to access your MOOC progress via your usual login process using your usual email. It will just mean that you post your MOOC activities to the new site instead of Google+. 

To aid our transition, we ask you to please immediately cease posting to our Google+ MOOC Communities and join us on our new Community site! You can start posting in the F-6 Foundations Community immediately and our other Communities (F-6 Extended, Years 7&8 and Years 9&10) as of Friday 29th March 2019.

We will be uploading our CSER MOOC Google+ Community content to our new site. We have already uploaded some of our content to our F-6 Foundations page, however, this process takes a little time. We will continue to work on this in the background over the coming months.

Join our new Community site!

To join our new CSER MOOC Communities, you will need to sign-up to our Community at using a free WordPress Account with your preferred email address. We have prepared instructions to guide you through this process, including a handout and a video playlist.

Whether you’ve completed one of our MOOCs, are working your way through or haven’t started yet – we look forward to seeing you on our new MOOC Communities site where we can continue to build a shared community of resources for K-12 Digital Technologies!

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