The AUDSS Sleepout 2015

Please pledge your support for the Community Outreach Dental Program

Together we can increase community awareness about our homeless community

The AUDSS Sleepout 2015

Date: Friday 15th May at 5.30pm
Location: WestCare Centre, 11-13 Millers Court Adelaid5000                                            

The Adelaide University Dental Students’ Society (AUDSS) continues its charitable and philanthropic activities, with an emphasis on outreach to the wider community.

As a staff member of the School of Dentistry, you are no doubt aware of the “Community Outreach Dental Program”, a dental clinic situated within the Common Ground complex that provides low cost accommodation for the homeless. Our dental and health service provides care for people who have suffered homelessness or have difficulty accessing conventional care. Established through support from commercial groups and a Federal Government grant, this program is driven by the Dental School of the University of Adelaide and supported by a group of dedicated volunteer private dentists and allied health professionals.

The 2015 AUDSS Sleepout is (literally) reaching out to the community on Friday 15th May at WestCare Centre (Baptist Care SA). The night will start off with a light supper and a chance for students to mix and mingle with each other as well as with staff and members of the community.  Throughout the evening there will be entertainment activities and guest speakers from a diverse group of individuals and groups who are equally passionate about homelessness in our community. At “lights out”, students will settle in for the night in just their sleeping bags or swags and experience what many others have had to endure in the streets of Adelaide.

Through this experience students will gain firsthand knowledge and understanding of the unfortunate circumstances facing some of Adelaide’s most vulnerable individuals, whilst raising urgently needed funds that are essential to maintain the dental clinic within the Common Ground complex.

We would like to invite you to join us for supper at the AUDSS Sleepout. It would be a fantastic opportunity to share a meal with students who will be sleeping out, as well as patrons of the WestCare Centre. You are also welcome to bring your sleeping bag or swag and stay overnight for the full experience of the event.

Please consider using this event as a donation opportunity to the Community Outreach Dental Program. Now into its third year, the AUDSS Sleepout has helped raise in excess of $5000 for the clinic since it was first held in 2013. This year, we are hoping to raise $10,000 to assist in getting a mobile branch of the clinic up and running.

Sponsorship opportunities/options:

A)     Donate for a service e.g. restoration, denture, extraction, scale and clean, stock or maintenance – please see next page

B)      Contribute on a monthly basis – contact Paul Finn (

C)      Contribute on an annual basis – contact Paul Finn (

D)     Goods-in-kind – contact Margie Steffens

In recognition of your involvement the AUDSS will issue a certificate of appreciation for display at your practice or office and the university Engagement branch will issue a receipt to enable tax deductions.

For more information visit the Community Outreach Dental Program website, Community Outreach Dental Program, or contact Margie or Denise.

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