Festival of Learning and Teaching

This year’s Festival of Learning and Teaching (FoLT) will coincide with the University of Adelaide BeCUR: Beacon conference for undergraduate research. The date for FoLT is August the 18th 2016. Staff are encouraged to attend to see a showcase of learning and teaching initiatives that are being implemented across the university.

Learning Innovations Studio

Do you have some ideas but are not sure how to use the technology to bring these ideas to life and enhance your learning environment?

Please feel free to visit the University of Adelaide’s Learning Innovations Studio which has been custom built to support academics in developing their learning and teaching initiatives. Academics can work with e-learning designers and no appointment is necessary. It’s a ‘Drop in Centre” for academics. More information.

If any staff would like further details on any of these events or would like to discuss their learning, teaching and assessment professional development needs please feel free to contact Sophie Karanicolas.


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