Dunstan Foundation Annual Fundraising Appeal Launched for 2014 – How can you help?

Each year the Dunstan Foundation undertakes an annual fundraising appeal to ensure that the Foundation can carry on the passion and dedication of its founder to provide opportunity for individuals and to empower them to live the life they choose.

The Foundation undertakes projects and research dedicated to issues of social equity and fundamental human rights. Currently these include homelessness, mental health, and environmental protection. It has an ongoing commitment to the rights and wellbeing of indigenous Australians, and that of refugees and migrants. In addition the Dunstan Foundation provides a number of scholarships to disadvantaged South Australians.

The Foundation achieved a great deal throughout 2013. It held several important events including the annual Lowitja O’Donoghue Oration, the popular Migration Update Conference, and a high profile panel on refugees and asylum seeker issues featuring World Vision Australia CEO, The Rev Tim Costello AO; Human Rights Lawyer, Julian Burnside AO QC and former Federal Liberal Minister The Hon Judi Moylan. In the latter part of 2013 the Foundation successfully completed work with the Live Music Thinker in Residence, Martin Elbourne, with a report to Government outlining a significant number of recommendations for the strategic development of music within South Australia. A number of these recommendations were accepted and are now being implemented.

In November we commenced the ‘Unmasking Austerity’ project in association with Australian Workplace Innovation and Social Research Centre (WISeR). This project demonstrates the flaws in, and negative outcomes from, implementing austerity measures in Europe and the USA, and seeks to offer alternative strategies for implementation in Australia. Austerity measures are likely to place pressure upon public services, the community sector and the average Australian.

The State Theatre Company brought a work, commissioned by the Foundation, ‘Maggie Stone’ to the stage in November. This supported the development of a young SA playwright Caleb Lewis who, through his writing, provided insight into the experience of migrants to South Australia and the responses of those who interact with them, both racist and otherwise.

Alongside the Foundation led equity projects, there will be continuing support for other collaborative ventures over the coming year. For example, the Cornish Labour History Research Project led by Professor Philip Payton from the University of Exeter (UK) will continue under our auspices and will culminate in a book in 2015. The Foundation will also continue to support the Unmasking Austerity Project. In June the Foundation, in association with the University of Adelaide and the Economics Society of SA will be hosting Joseph Stiglitz who will present the annual Joseph Fisher Lecture.

We could not continue to grow as an organisation and build intensity in our activities without your generous support. The Foundation is unique in South Australia and we wish to continue to build a social and political voice for the disadvantaged both locally and nationally. Your support allows us to deliver objective information and high level advice on solutions to inequity in our community. Changes in thinking and strategy can deliver large scale benefits to many and at the same time can allow individuals to take charge of their own lives.

Your tax deductible donation can be directed towards one or more of our projects or scholarships.

There are several ways to Donate, to find out how, please visit our Donations Page –

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