May 28 – History Month Lecture – WW1 Conscription Crisis in the mining towns of Yorke Peninsula

As part of the Dunstan Foundation Labor History Project and the ‘About Time’ History Month Festival, Professor Philip Payton (UK) will present the 2015 Dunstan Foundation History Month Lecture titled WW1 Conscription Crisis in the mining towns of Yorke Peninsula.

The conscription crisis in Australia in 1916-17 emphasized existing divisions in Australian society and created new ones, and was especially catastrophic for the Labor Party which was split over the issue. Although the conscription debate was nation-wide, it exhibited strong regional dimensions, influenced by economic, political, religious, ethnic, class and other variables. This talk alights on the crisis as it was manifested in the copper-mining towns of northern Yorke Peninsula in South Australia, and examines in particular the increasingly fraught relationship between Methodism and the Labor Party locally. From being a region noted for its community solidarity and developed sense of Cornish ethno-occupational and ethno-religious exclusivity, the Peninsula became a community divided against itself as the conscription crisis aggravated existing tensions and provoked new divisions.

Thursday 28 May 2015 – 6.30-8.00pm – Napier Building, Lecture Theatre 102, The University of Adelaide


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