South Australia faces a splendid future: Dunstan’s Vision Unearthed

South Australia faces a splendid future: Dunstan Digitisation Project Unearths Don’s Vision.

Don's Vision for South Australia unearthed in the Dunstan Collection

In 1972, Premier Don Dunstan wrote on his vision for South Australia in an article for the Sunday Mail, titled ‘South Australia faces a splendid future‘. Don envisaged that by the year 2000 the South Australian population would be about 1.3 million and the new city of Monarto would be reaching almost 100,000.

The Dunstan Digitisation Project, undertaken by the Flinders University Dunstan Collection in conjunction with the Dunstan Foundation, provides the opportunity to examine closely the decisions made during the Dunstan era that have shaped and influenced the state. Papers, speeches, interviews and much more are now available online.

How does Don’s vision for South Australia held up 42 years later? Does the vision still hold inspiration for us?

Don may have been incorrect on the plans for the new city of Monarto; but he was correct in some areas such as the increase in the population of South Australia (around 1.5 million in 2000), and women holding top positions in private industry, the public service and Parliament.

Elements of Don’s vision may yet come to pass. For example, he envisaged the establishment of a system re-afforestation with green belts between Adelaide and the River Murray; and he believed the car would become an instrument of pleasure rather than a necessity.

You can read this article by clicking the image below; and you can also access the other 3,548 documents recently digitised in the collection at the Flinders University Dunstan Collection website

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