Professor Papademetriou looks at the Future of Migration

Yesterday the Dunstan Foundation and the Australian Population and Migration Research Centre hosted a public lecture titled ‘The Future of Migration: Lessons from Europe and the United States’ with Professor Demetriou Papademetriou from the Migration Policy Institute in Washington, USA.

Professor Papademetriou is a Distinguished Senior Fellow, President Emeritus and Co-Founder of the Migration Policy Institute (MPI), a Washington-based think tank dedicated exclusively to the study of international migration.

Professor Papademetriou presents at the Dunstan Foundation APRMC Lecture on 13 November 2014

He is considered one of the world’s leading experts on one of the most critical issues facing our nation today – immigration. He has published more than 270 books, articles, monographs, and research reports on a wide array of migration topics, lectures widely on all aspects of immigration and immigrant integration policy, and advises foundations and other grant-making organizations, civil-society groups, and senior government and political party officials, in dozens of countries.

As part of a six-month sabbatical from the MPI, Professor Papademetriou is visiting Australia for a series of meetings and seminars with policy makers and leaders in migration; yesterday’s lecture was the only public lecture that the Professor will give on this visit.

The Dunstan Foundation has made Professor Papademetrou’s lecture audio available here:




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