InDaily: The act of ‘doing good’ ripe for disruption

With governments struggling for revenue, NGOs finding they can’t fix some of society’s thorniest problems, and companies under pressure to act ethically and responsibly, SA’s newest thinker in residence believes the state has an opportunity to find a new way to make a difference in the world.

Heavily-credentialed social entrepreneur Suzi Sosa is the next “thinker” in the rebooted program, which is being run by the Don Dunstan Foundation rather than the State Government.

Sosa, the co-founder and CEO of Verb, a global social enterprise based in Austin, Texas, is a “supporting” thinker in the program which is focusing on social capital – a concept which is seeking to bridge the divide between doing social good and economic success.

The above is an excerpt from an InDaily Article published by David Washington on 29 June 2017.  Read the full InDaily article

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