Inside South Australia: Making moves as a social entrepreneur

International social entrepreneur Suzi Sosa sees the world of business as a game of chess.

There are winners and there are losers.

But a true entrepreneur will always see one more move on the board.

“Too many people quit too early,” says the Texan, who is visiting Adelaide this month for Entrepreneurs Week.

“Don’t give up until no moves are left on the board. You must keep playing because unexpected things happen all the time.”

The ability to “desensitise yourself to failure” is another snippet of advice from the mother-of-two, who is founder and CEO of global corporation, Verb.

“In my life, the way that I have avoided big failures was when I had no other choice,” she says.

“You learn that you can step up and you have to keep going.”

Suzi is a Don Dunstan Foundation’s Thinker in Residence and is making various appearances at Entrepreneurs Week (July 3-7).

The above is an excerpt from an Inside South Australia article published by Melissa Keogh on 4 July 2017.  Read the full Inside South Australia article

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