2008 eChallenge Winners Start Commercial Trials

ProScales AdPro System

The 2008 Entrepreneurs’ Challenge (eChallenge) winners, ProScales, are undertaking commercial trails of their AdPro system with Italian grocery store, Il Mercato, this year.

The ProScales AdPro system works through a touchscreen and removes the space limitations on food labelling. It also allows changes to label format and type to be made in seconds or messages tailored for individual products.

The success of ProScales is a wonderful example of how the ECIC’s eChallenge supports emerging entrepreneurs in the development of an innovative idea through to the commercialisation of new technology in the marketplace. ProScales is currently a tenent at the University of Adelaide’s Business Incubator, (ThIncLab).

For more on ProScales’ commercal trials, please see inBusiness.

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