ECIC Scholarship Winner Named 2011 SA Fulbright Scholar

The ECIC would like to congratulate Dr Clare Sullivan on winning the prestigious 2011 SA Fulbright Scholarship. In 2009, Dr Sullivan was awarded a Graduate Business Support Scheme (GBSS) scholarship through the ECIC’s Graduate Entrepreneurial Program. The GBSS was established to encourage and support PhD and Masters candidates in the final year of their candidature, who have an idea for a business venture arising from their research, to consider self employment and business enterprise as a career option. Participants are given the opportunity to grow their business idea through attending a series of business skills development workshops, and are provided with furnished office space at the University of Adelaide’s Business Incubator (ThIncLab).

Dr Sullivan says: “The Fulbright scholarship is a milestone in a journey which began with my doctoral thesis. The University of Adelaide has played a crucial role at every stage, initially awarding me a Divisional scholarship to undertake my PhD on a full time basis, and then awarding me an ECIC scholarship to commercialise my doctoral research. The ECIC scholarship and the time I spent at the Incubator under the University’s Graduate Support Scheme greatly assisted me in developing my profile as a technology lawyer. Although I am no longer at the Incubator, I keep in touch with the staff of the ECIC and the other occupants of the Incubator. I consider them friends as well as valued colleagues.”

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