South Australian Biofuels: Driving the Way to a Cleaner Future

South Australian company develops portable technology to produce clean fuel, saving farmers and the environment future cost.

Since winning the University of Adelaide’s Entrepreneurs’ Challenge (now the ZEN eChallenge) in 2010, South Australian Biofuels have been busy finalising a working prototype, demonstrating their product at field days, working on a large farm trial and negotiating with farmers to test their biofuel unit on three beta sites. They’ve also found time to represent the University of Adelaide at the 2011 John Heine Entrepreneurial Challenge in December this year.

South Australian Biofuels, comprised of Morgan Hunter (director) and Byron Patterson (marketing manager), entered into last year’s eChallenge. They not only won First Prize, but their portable biodiesel unit, Bio-Ultra, took out a whole slew of other prizes, including the People’s Choice Award and the Best Technology Commercialisation Prize. Since participating in the eChallenge, South Australian Biofuels have expanded their team with the inclusion of Paul Field (co-director) and their former eChallenge mentor, Glen Wheatley (business director).

Bio-Ultra converts plant seed oil, like mustard or canola, into biofuel, and is a cost-effective and renewable way to produce fuel with minimal carbon impact. The unit drew a lot of interest at the Yorke Peninsula Field Days at Paskeville on 27-29 September, with South Australian Biofuels winning the Best New Australian Built Equipment Prize. South Australian Biofuels also came to the attention of The Advertiser and FIVEaa, who were keen to get the scoop on this innovative new South Australian company.

Interest from the research sector is also growing; South Australian Biofuels have recently been invited to present at the Crop Science Society of SA  monthly meeting at the University of Adelaide’s Roseworthy Campus.

We wish South Australian Biofuels the best of luck with their large-scale farm trials and the John Heine Entrepreneurial Challenge. It will be a busy future for South Australian Biofuels, but it will also be a bright one.

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