The Countdown is on for the winners!

After months of hard work, planning and pitching the countdown is on. The winners of Australia’s premier university entrepreneurial competition will be announced at the  Dinner to be held Thursday 13 November at the Adelaide Oval.

The quality of entries for this year’s competition has been incredible. In the lead up to unveiling the winners, here are the profiles the finalists in the public stream to give you an idea of the range of innovative ideas the teams have come up with.

Freshly Squeezed Business is a website and mobile application primarily aimed at women who aspire to start a new business but don’t know where to begin. Using a gamified approach, this product aims to reduce the fear and complexity by making the process of business development fun.

Light’s idea is to utilise an autonomous drone platform ‘Seer’ to minimise the millions of dollars farmers spend each year on surveying and data acquisition, which is typically done using commercial aircraft. With real-time statistical mapping, changes in trends can be monitored and resolved in a timely manner, Seer enables greater yields at minimal cost.

Australian School Search is an online platform which aims to be the preferred website to facilitate information sharing between parents and schools when selecting the right school for their child. This platform allows parents both in Australia and overseas to browse schools based on individual criteria.

Peekaboo is a detachable, washable and user friendly phone case that allows the user of a mobile device to manually control the external access of the camera and audio functionalities to minimise risk from app intervention. This innovation aims to provide greater personal privacy in security in an ever-changing mobile environment.

Urban Oasis ™ is a range of adaptable, multi-functional street furniture systems that aim to make city streets and public spaces better places. This smart furniture system delivers on the mission to deliver innovative, integrated urban design products and professional services in response to the global urbanisation megatrend.

Virtual Energy is a marketplace for energy, which makes it possible for individuals to trade their excess solar power with others. Virtual Energy meters energy consumption and production in near real-time, and gives its customers the ability to buy and sell in a wholly new market platform, allowing them to get the “best price” for the energy that they wish to buy or sell.

The ECIC wishes all teams the best of luck at next week’s event. Check back in with the blog next week for a recap of the  and the winning teams.

For more information on the Australian eChallenge, visit:

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