Don’t miss it! Entrepreneurial Ecosystems: Great Places to Create Business

Preparations are under way for the Forum – Entrepreneurial Ecosystems: Great Places to Create Business to be held on the 3rd February, 2015 prior to the formal opening of the ACERE research conference program. Interest levels are high and we have Cr Houssam Abiad from Adelaide City Council to open the forum and Minister Susan Close attending for closing remarks.

You can look forward to a Policy Forum with a difference.
√ Yes, you will hear from great keynote speakers and two of the most preeminent entrepreneurship policy researchers in Professors David Audretsch and David Storey.
√ Yes, you will hear about how entrepreneurial firms contribute to and can benefit from an entrepreneurial ecosystem from Adelaide’s resident industry and innovation resident expert Prof. Göran Roos
√ Yes, you will also learn more about how entrepreneurs both create and shape an entrepreneurial ecosystem through the recent research conducted by the Entrepreneurship, Commercialisation and Innovation Centre at the University of Adelaide.
√ Yes, you will have an opportunity to ask questions of our experts and probe key issues during a panel discussion.

But wait there is more…

Adelaide is fast becoming recognised for the strength of its Entrepreneurial Ecosystem. For instance, late November last year, the idea was raised to establish South Australia’s Entrepreneurs’ Week to coincide with the ACERE Entrepreneurship Research Conference being hosted by the ECIC. Before Christmas was upon us we had the week established with commitments for events and the state’s strategic branding team on the case with the website and the event links publicly available. Click here for the Entrepreneurs’ Week proof of our labours. The speed with which we have been able to gain both state and local government support for something that was nothing more than an idea at a meeting in late November testifies to the commitment of South Australia to work and move at entrepreneurial speed.

So what is driving South Australia to make the shift to high entrepreneurial gear and what is making it work? This is where the twist to the Forum comes in. In addition to our international keynotes we will have local folks telling a bit of their story. But you will not be just a passive recipient of information, instead you will be part of the pro-activeness of the state. Each story will be just that bit unfinished. South Australia is amidst an entrepreneurial revolution and it is not without its challenges. The Forum will include workshop streams within which two key challenges to growing an entrepreneurial ecosystem across a state like South Australia will be discussed. You will be part of a working solution to a state-based initiative and we welcome your input.

Make no mistake though, you will walk away from this Forum with new insight from a local and international perspective on what it takes to build an entrepreneurial ecosystem and how you can play a part.

Adelaide is eager for you to be part of the Entrepreneurs’ Week party and I sincerely hope you can join us to take advantage of this opportunity to be a part of South Australia’s entrepreneurial ecosystem revolution.

To register for the Forum, make sure to click here. Please join as at the Forum – Entrepreneurial Ecosystems: Great Places to Create Business.

I look forward to welcoming you at the event.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Allan O’Connor
Academic Director for Postgraduate Innovation and Entrepreneurship Programs
Entrepreneurship, Commercialisation and Innovation Centre (ECIC)

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