Applications Now Open – Study Tour in South Africa

Join us on a two week intensive study tour to South Africa which will take you to the country with the largest wealth gap in the world, where entrepreneurship and innovation are important to help communities survive and thrive.

Open to all University of Adelaide students, you will journey to Johannesburg to meet young and aspiring entrepreneurs and visit various landmarks such as Kruger National Park, Kliptown Youth Program, Mandela House + Apartheid Museum, Soweto and much, much more!

You’ll have plenty of opportunities to enhance your creative thinking abilities and leadership skills while becoming immersed in an African wildlife experience.

To learn more about this action packed tour please visit the Professions study tour page.

Applications for 2015 ECIC Study tour to South Africa closes end of September – be quick spaces are filling fast.

The 2014 ECIC Study tour to South Africa was a huge success. Students were able to experience firsthand the content of the course and returned with a newfound appreciation of life in Australia.

Our journey started in Johannesburg where we met young and aspiring entrepreneurs and visited various landmarks such as Kliptown Youth Program, Mandela House and Apartheid Museum. We were then immersed in an African wildlife experience for the second half of the tour, where we came face to face with the magnificent animals of Kruger National Park.

The opportunity that participating on the ECIC South African Study Tour gave me has been boundless. I found that learning from lecturers in a class room can only teach you so much, but applying theory in the real world, with real world experiences, as this tour provides, as extremely beneficial and rewarding. On this tour you will traverse through Johannesburg; visiting cultural sites like the Apartheid museum, Kliptown youth centre and Nelson Mandela’s House. Following Johannesburg you will travel to Kruger National Park and have the opportunity to witness a vast array of animals, including elephants, lions, rhinoceros, zebra, hippos and giraffes. Here you will stay in secure camps, although most of the time you are exploring, there is a lot of ‘free’ time to enjoy swimming, socialising and making new friendships. Unfortunately Johannesburg does have some negative stereotypes attached to it with regards to safety, at no time did I or any of the students or staff feel un-safe or where put in any unsafe circumstances. With the knowledge and experience of your University staff you will be given the opportunity to think innovative and entrepreneurial and collaborate with your fellow students. You certainly will not regret participating on this study tour, the opportunity for friendship, experience and knowledge is endless, and on this tour you are given every opportunity to develop yourself.” – Joshua Weidenbach: B.Economics / B.Social Science



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