Experts In: The Digital Revolution

Experts In: The Digital Revolution

Date: 25 November 2015
Time: TBC
Location: TBC
Registrations Required: By 23 November 2015 via Eventbrite.

In their 2013 technology report, Accenture argued that ‘‘every business is [now] a digital business”. They suggest that the digital mindset is no longer the realm of the I.T. department but impacts every area of the business including HR, Property, Finance, Strategy and Operations; in effect every budget is an I.T. budget.

The implications of this are being played out within many organizations transforming what can be done, how it is done and by whom, it is a technological revolution on the same scale as steam and electricity.

As one of the UK’s 4 network champions of the ‘Digital Revolution’, Professor Maull has had excellent access to firms operating with digital technologies. These include such topics as Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, Crypto Currencies (Bitcoin, and Blockchains), sensors and wearables, smart cities, privacy and identity.

He will consider the implications for how we work, live, travel, our health and our wellbeing.

The final part of his talk will focus on firms and the implications for business model innovation; developing start-ups; improving public service efficiency; changing organisational cultures; assessing digital fitness and developing new markets.

The digital revolution is transforming every aspect of life, society and the economy for both individuals and firms, the opportunities are there for a very different world and a very exciting future.

About Roger Maull:

Roger Maull is a Professor of Management Systems in the University of Surrey Business School and a founder member, with Prof Alan Brown, of Surrey’s Centre for the Digital Economy (CoDE). He joined Surrey in October 2014 after 16 years at the University of Exeter where he worked closely with Prof Andi Smart in establishing the centre for Innovation and Service Research (ISR).

His current research is informed by two major RCUK research grants NEMODE and the HAT. Together, they have taken his research into a new phase: considering the implications of the Digital Revolution for businesses and society. He contends that we are in the throes of a massive change driven by technologies such as the Internet of Things, and the advent of personal data. He agrees with Accenture that every business is now a digital business, that every budget is an IT budget and that the next 3 years (2014-2017) are about determining an organisation’s place in the digital world: it will be a short fuse and a big bang (Deloitte).

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