Modern technology is changing the way our brains work, says neuroscientist Dr Fiona Kerr, System and Neural Complexity Specialist with the University of Adelaide.

Does technology impacts the brain and decision making? According to The University of Adelaide’s Neural Systems and Complexity Specialist Dr Fiona Kerr, the answer to the question is yes. Technology affects our attention, our social connectivity with other people and our sleep cycles.

We live in a society where all aspects of our lives are driven and shaped by technology. In the workplace, the use of modern technology is omnipresent and increases flexibility and the speed of communication. However, it has a negative impact on decision making, creativity and innovative thinking. We are overwhelmed by the constant flow of data and information coming from technological devices which aim to gain our attention. Ours brains are constantly solicited by different stimuli and we can never deeply focus on one task at a time.

Dr Kerr will be appearing at the upcoming Mobile-ising Women in Business event in Adelaide on 1 September where she will speak about this topic further. In advance you can read an article she has written for Biz Better Together on their website.

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