Public lecture: My data belongs to me.

Presenter Professor Roger Maull taps into a 21st century concern that affects all of us – data access and ownership. Roger’s presentation will focus on the use of personal data. Digital technologies such as the Internet of Things are often driven from a provider perspective. If you buy a device the data belongs to the provider. If you are lucky there may be an API which enables you to access ‘some’ of the data. But we should be clear, the data does not belong to you.

There is an alternative, the data could belong to you, for you to own, analyse and trade. In this presentation, Roger will demonstrate the Hub of All Things or HAT. The HAT is an ongoing research project, start-up and charity. He will explain how individuals can use the HAT to learn more about their own lived life and how they can trade that data with firms. The zeitgeist values personal freedom and autonomy and we as consumers are increasingly choosing to demand access to our data. Roger will conclude by discussing the implications for firms, policy-makers and researchers.

Roger Maull is a Professor of Management Systems at Surrey Business School. Prior to joining Surrey he spent 16 years at the University of Exeter in various roles including Head of Department of Management and Director of the centre for research in Innovation and Service Research (ISR). His current research is into the impact of digital technologies on future economic activity including, IoT, personal data, wearables and digital currencies. He has published widely in leading journals including, IJOPM, Journal of Operations Management, and the Journal of Supply Chain Management. In the last five years he has won over $7m worth of research funding for projects such as NEMODE and CREDIT, and has been an investigator on various HAT projects, including being chair of the HAT Charity.

There will be an opportunity to meet the presenter after the lecture for informal networking from 6:30pm to 7:30pm. Register for this free event today.

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