ThincLab bubbles back to life

Where would you find a combination of sheep farming, aerospace technology, foodie networking and animated science? The re-launched ThincLab provides the opportunity for all of these exciting new start-ups to come together, collaborate and network with other innovative and entrepreneurial individuals. Importantly, the ThincLab program not only provides a creative space but also a suite of mentors who provide professional advice and guidance. These mentors are elite, experienced business people with a wealth of knowledge to offer new start-ups.

ThincLab participants have already jumped the first hurdle to a successful start-up by completing the prerequisite eChallenge program. eChallenge teams undertake a course of study and develop and present an idea, concept or design to industry and the public. ThincLab then gives those teams the opportunity to take their ideas and innovations even further by offering services such as mentoring, workshops and seminars, and networking events. The mentors are a keystone to this first stage of the program. They provide teams with the professional business know-how and practical expertise to guide and advise start-ups. There are currently 14 entrepreneurial teams made up of a mix of alumni and current students, and 20 mentors who meet with these teams at least once a month.

The program was in hiatus for two years, when the Thebarton facility was closed. Dr Diana Lucic, currently responsible for revamping the program, is excited about future prospects. The second stage of the ThincLab program will involve provision of serviced offices and more collaboration with government and the wider industry. The big picture is exciting. ‘We’re hoping to evolve to a stage where industry leaders can approach us with a problem, and we’ll be able to connect them with innovative entrepreneurs and creators who can help provide answers and solutions.’

The program currently includes participants from The University of Adelaide alumni and current students and staff and members of the public. Dr Lucic says that more and more mentors will be needed to keep up with the exciting developments so if you’re interested in being involved, contact her on 8313 2560 or

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