A GEM of a project

Congratulations to Prof Paul Steffens and Dr Allan O’Connor who have secured $100,000 funding from the Department of Innovation, Industry and Science to conduct the 2017 Australian Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) project. The South Australian Department of State Development has also lent its support for the project with a further $50,000.

So what is GEM?

Now into its 17th year, GEM benchmarks entrepreneurship activity, attitudes and aspirations of over 60 countries annually. By conducting over 200,000 interviews globally each year, it provides invaluable information to policy-makers by providing unique information regarding Australia’s entrepreneurial performance compared with other nations. Several GEM indicators are being considered for the National Innovation and Science Agenda KPIs. GEM data featured strongly in the 2015 Australian Innovation System report and has been regularly drawn on for government reports.

The hope is that the GEM will extend to include a state-by-state comparison of entrepreneurship over the coming years. Such a valuable tool could have implications for the future planning of government funding, education and private investment.

For more information about GEM, visit GEM consortium

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