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Dr Fiona Kerr on ABC’s Catalyst

Dr Fiona Kerr is starring in the ABC’s Catalyst programme ‘Becoming Superhuman’.
The first episode aired last week gained rave reviews and this week Dr Kerr shares her powerful views on how humans can be their very best.
Catalyst airs Tuesday 31st May 2016 and can be viewed here.

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Listen to Dr Fiona Kerr on Ockham’s Razor!

Over the weekend ECIC academic Dr Fiona Kerr appeared on Radio National’s science program Ockhams’ Razor.

The program allows experts to talk uninterrupted for one hour about their topic, which allows for more in-depth coverage of more complex issues.
Fiona’s segment is titled Neurogenesis: a Force for Creativity? and she speaks about neurogenesis being a continual process […]

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