Maths Learning Centre – 2014 Seminar Series

Need help with your maths and stats?

The Maths Learning Centre (MLC) exists to help students at the University of Adelaide succeed in learning and using the maths they need in their studies, through a variety of resources and workshops.

Throughout semester 1, the MLC has scheduled a seminar series to assist students encountering maths and stats in their studies.

The Maths Learning Seminars will be held at 12:10pm on Fridays, in the Hughes Lecture Theatre (Hughes 309).

The following seminar topics have been confirmed:

Week 1: Maths in Lectures: Understanding the Notation (Friday 7 March)
Lots of courses use maths notation, not just maths courses. In this seminar, learn some strategies for understanding a new maths notation, and also talk through the meanings of maths notations you might see in your studies.

Week 2: Maths in Assignments: Answering the Questions (Friday 14 March)
Assignments with maths questions are a fact of life in many courses, and not just in maths courses. Get advice on how to solve assignment questions on your own, how to get it done in time, and how to learn something from it.

Week 3: Maths in Assignments: Writing Solutions and Proofs (Friday 21 March)
You need to write your assignment solutions well so that the marker can give you marks. This seminar gives advice on how to come up with these solutions – especially proofs – and how to write them so other people can understand you.

Week 4: Maths in Lectures: Understanding the Concepts (Friday 28 March)
The point of any course is for you to understand the concepts – this seminar gives advice on how to understand a maths concept, including a list of questions you can ask yourself to think about concepts in a helpful way.

Week 12: Maths in Exams: Doing an Exam Well (Friday 6 June)
All courses with any maths content will have an exam worth quite a lot of your marks, so you need to know how to do it well. This seminar gives advice about how to study for your exam, how to get help before the exam, and how to do your best in the exam itself.

More seminar dates and topics may be scheduled throughout the semester. Check the MLC website regularly for the most up-to-date seminar schedule.

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  1. Wang Xiaotian says:

    I’d like to attend these classes, but sadly, I have classes at 1pm every week. Can you please tell me how long do thses lectures last, generally speaking? I’ll see if I have enough time to attend these classes. Thank you.