ARC Success in School of Chemical Engineering!

The Australian Research Council (ARC) has awarded $2.6M over 5 years to the ARC Research Hub for Graphene Enabled Industry Transformation, in addition to a further $2.0M pledged by seven partner organisations. The hub aims to provide the advanced materials industry with innovative solutions to tackle critical and complex challenges of national significance.

Advanced materials, particularly graphene, are now considered promising for maintaining competitive advantages for industrial transformational progress; and advanced industries to drive prosperity where innovation underpins business to thrive globally.

Congratulations to Prof Dusan Losic, Prof Namita Choudhury, Prof Shizhang Qiao and Dr Tian-Yi Ma on their ARC success!

The ARC has also awarded $0.4M over 3 years to Prof Shizhang Qiao and Dr Tian-Yi Ma for an ARC Linkage Project, in addition to $0.3M from their industry partner.

This project is expected to make Australia capable of fabricating superior rubber-based materials and devices that are comfortable, quiet and energy efficient, for use in aircrafts, automobiles and vessels. It should also reduce the use of non-degradable rubber materials, promoting Australia’s economic development and environment protection.

Congratulations to Shizhang and Tian-Yi!




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