3MT ECMS Style! Closing Soon!

Hopefully by now you have heard about the 3MT Competition – a challenge to explain your thesis project, to a non-specialist audience, in just three minutes, using only one PowerPoint slide?

But what you may not be aware is how much the Faculty of ECMS values participation in this initiative. The opportunity to develop communication and presentation skills is considered to be a valuable part of developing our researchers, particularly in a competitive funding environment. Because of this, the Faculty of ECMS encourages researchers to participate whether they are eligible to compete or not.

ECMS participants will have the opportunity to attend training sessions provided by an external consultant, participate in practice sessions and seek constructive feedback. Then, those researchers that are eligible, and wish to, can compete in the Faculty Heats.

Prizes will be awarded to two winning students in the Faculty Heat, as selected by a judging panel. These students then proceed to the University Final, with the 3MT culminating in a national competition in Queensland in September.

If you’d like to know more about the competition click on 3MT website and register your interest there, in addition, for our Faculty purposes could everyone Register Your Participation Status via this link.

  • Participate & compete
  • Participate for career development but not compete
  • Will not be participating this year


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