International Work Experience Opportunity

Are you interested in developing your engineering, leadership, and project management skills in a real-world context?

Project Everest is an organisation dedicated to developing sustainable solutions to some of the world’s most complex issues by designing and developing lean social enterprises. Tackling problems ranging from agricultural productivity and food security to sustainable fuel consumption and improving access to clean drinking water, Project Everest operates on the front line of international development.

In an effort to accelerate the development of our operations, Project Everest is looking to involve capable and passionate university students as participants in our Social Venture Projects. Successful applicants will spend four weeks working in teams to design sustainable businesses that solve some of Project Everest’s most pressing issues in either Cambodia, Fiji, Timor Lesté, Malawi, Vietnam or Philippines.

Our projects aim to develop the Engineers Australia Graduate Attributes, giving you skills and experience that will accelerate your career, while having a positive impact on developing communities around the globe.

$500 study grants are available, and domestic students choosing to contribute the projects to their engineering work experience will be eligible for OS-HELP funding.

To apply, visit our website:

Or find us on the UoA Career Hub page:



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