Congratulations to the School of Mechanical Engineering on the successful NASA launch!

Early this morning, A University of Adelaide-built satellite was launched by NASA from Cape Canaveral in Florida, on the Atlas V rocket bound for the International Space Station.

The ‘CubeSat’ is one of three miniaturised or ‘nanosatellites’ developed in Australia under the European-funded project QB50, an international network of 50 CubeSats – the first Australian-built satellites to be launched for 15 years.

Dr Matt Tetlow and his team have built one of the mini cube satellites, which was taken to the International Space Station before being deployed to research the thermosphere.

It’s the culmination of four years’ hard work by about 50 University of Adelaide students and a dozen staff led by Research Fellow Dr Matthew Tetlow, and it will play a key role in a project to explore the upper reaches of the atmosphere.

“This is incredibly exciting to see our spacecraft launched to the International Space Station and know that it will play an important part in this research,” says Dr Tetlow.

Congratulations to the School of Mechanical Engineering, Dr Matt Tetlow and all students and staff involved!

A video about the project can be viewed here:

The launch can be viewed on NASA TV at

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