Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Internships in France

The University of Adelaide has entered a partnership with Jeumont Electric (, a major equipment supplier to the power generation and conversion markets, for a long term cooperation on research, technology development, and education.

In addition to numerous propulsion and power generation systems of all scales delivered over the 100+ years of their existence, Jeumont Electric were also recently awarded contracts for a number of military and civilian projects around the globe, and are in the race for Australia’s Future Submarines project.

An internship with Jeumont Electric presents a unique opportunity to launch a career in some of Australia’s most vibrant sectors in an international context. In addition to the substantial practical knowledge to be gained through this internship, the significant international experience will also provide a unique advantage in a job market due to grow considerably over the next decade.

More information:

Applications Close: 14 September 2017

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