Project Everest | Student Opportunity

Project Everest collaborates with local communities to engage them in change and to be as effective and efficient as possible. Operating across multiple countries, offering varied opportunities to maximise our global social impact.

Project Everest designs socially beneficial projects, products and services to solve issues identified by the community. Providing affordable, consistent and tailored products and services delivered through a social enterprise model.

Project Everest builds projects and businesses from scratch to ensure they work and that their impact is ongoing and sustainable. Focusing on people, the environment, economy and communities – using stakeholder consultation and feedback to ensure sustainability.

Not only does Project Everest focus on the community and the environment but it also increases the employability and skillsets of young people by empowering them with opportunities previously unheard of. Delivering the most comprehensive experiential and practical training at a university level and ongoing professional development.

If you are interested in this wonderful opportunity, please head on over to the Project Everest Website to learn more!


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