Finding ways to reduce hazard risks

A group of academic staff from within the Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences at the University of Adelaide have looked at how risks of natural hazards can be reduced, especially in a time of severe climate change.

Professor Holger Maier from the School of Civil, Environmental and Mining Engineering, Research Fellow Graeme Riddell, and Adjunct Associate Professor Hedwig van Delden, together used Adelaide as an example and modelled five plausible futures for the city to explore the impacts of different risk-reduction strategies.

In a story published online via The Conversation, they said when considering natural hazard risks, most people usually associated that with bushfires and floods.

These risks are likely to get worse as a result of climate change,” the story said. “While we certainly need to act now to reduce climate change impacts, this is largely beyond the control of local governments.”

The story delves into a range of factors that could affect the issue, such as population growth, government involvement and community education.

Head to the link below to read the full story, via The Conversation.


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