Acacia Award

Acacia Program – National Sustainability Competition

The Projects submitted to the Acacia Program National Sustainability Competition must address the three-underpinning triple bottom line sustainability outcomes

• Environmental – projects that for example: address land-use change; design environmentally sensitive infrastructure’ reduce waste impacts; conserve
biodiversity, improve conditions for flora and fauna.

• Social – projects that for example: engage local or national organisations in solving sustainability problems; collaborate with community partners to educate and inform on sustainability issues; job creation

• Economic – projects that for example: create financially sustainable initiatives; allow for growth and scalability; improve energy efficiency or result in beneficial dematerialisation; encourage enhanced triple bottom line

Students will be required to submit:
• A report of up to 10 total pages that includes a rationale, a justification or an explanation of chosen research/ methodology, the results or the
outcomes, and the sustainability benefits of the project.
• A video (3-5 min) that promotes the value of their project and potential sustainability outcomes.

State co-ordinators will be happy to assist applicants with any queries.

Judging guidelines:
It is expected that a winning proposal will demonstrate elements of potential for transformational change. Applications will be assessed in terms of sustainability performance, potential impact, scalability, application and

Entry dates;
All entries must be emailed to the State co-ordinator by – 5pm December 22nd 2017

State co-ordinator:

Winners will be announced on January 30th 2018.

National Prize of $600 for the winning entry, and $300 for the runner-up State prizes of $200 and $100 for the runner-up.

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