IGA Distinguished Lecture Series – From the Continuum to the Finite and Back

by Dennis Sullivan (Einstein Professor of Mathematics)

About the IGA Lecturer:

Dennis Sullivan is Albert Einstein Professor of Science at CUNY and Distinguished Professor of Mathematics at SUNY in New York. He has won awards for his research in Mathematics: algebraic and differential topology, geometry, Kleinian groups, dynamical systems & fluid algorithms:
Balzan Prize (2014) Italy, Wolf Prize (2010 )Israel, Steele Prize (2006) and National Medal of Science (2004) USA, King Faisal Prize (1994) Saudi Arabia, Elie Cartan Prize in Geometry (1981) France, Veblen Prize in Geometry (1971)USA.

Abstracts of lectures:

The lectures will be about approximating the continuum and its nonlinear structures by the finite. The method will be to contrast and compare geometric and algebraic aspects of differential forms to the geometry and algebra of the corresponding finite objects.

Full lecture abstracts can be found at the Institute for Geometry and its Applications website.

When: 15 – 19 January 2018, 10:00 am until noon daily. (Refreshments at 9:30 am)

Where: Room 7.15, Level 7 of Ingkarni Wardli building, University of Adelaide


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