Naming and Addressing Racism Forum

The University of Adelaide, in collaboration with Garridja Aboriginal Cultural Consultancy and Duke University, are proud to host a week-long forum on ‘Naming and Addressing Racism’.

The public launch event for this forum (on Thurs May 17 at the National Wine Centre) will include a screening of ‘Utopia’, with follow-up discussions by a distinguished panel of Aboriginal leaders including Rosalie Kunoth-Monks, Robert Eggington, highly respected social justice advocate Gerry Georgatos and renowned journalist Jeff McMullen (See overleaf for all biographies).

A session specifically targeting Higher Degree Research students will follow on Friday May 18, led by Dr Ben Reese from Duke University, entitled ‘The history of race relations in the United States and the knock-on effects of racism in other countries’, with two interactive workshops the following week entitled ‘Implicit Bias in Decision Making: The Impact of Implicit Bias’ (Tues May 22) and ‘Race, Gender and Cultural Life Experiences and Their Impact On Work & Community Life’ (Thurs May 22). All events are free but booking is essential.

Led by Benjamin d. reese, Jr., Psy.d., Vice President for institutional equity at duke University and duke University Health system in North Carolina, USA, and Tauto Sansbury, respected aboriginal consultant, Narungga elder and co-chair of the indigenous Peoples Organisation (Australia).

Please register by contacting Jacki Aldis on

Naming racism events

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