What is Economics? High School Competition

In 2011 the School of Economics ran a competition open to High School students asking them to creatively display ‘what is Economics’?

We are pleased to announce we have a winner- Nicole Wedding, from Marryatville High School. Nicole has won $1000 cash prize for her fantastic video entry.

Nicole talks about what she loves about Economics:

"Economics is fascinating! Until I began studying it at school, it seemed like incomprehensible finance jargon – but it’s actually really interesting. I like how it makes more sense of the world we live in and can help predict how people behave and react to events. When the opportunity to enter this competition came up I thought it would be a great way to maybe learn some more about economics and be productive in my spare time. I chose to create a video because I feel as if it’s the most effective way to get a message across – also, it was super fun to make!

Nicole Wedding

Click here to view Nicole’s video, and some of the other excellent entries

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