The Opportunity at the University of Adelaide

The University of Adelaide is uniquely placed in Australia to organise these research networks and to respond to the drivers of change in world food policy.

It has deep skills in the core area of supply chain analysis as well as consumer behaviour.  It has depth in the economics and business analysis of food markets and in associated policies and a longstanding capacity in social sciences in the study of food.  These skills sit alongside its outstanding capacity in agricultural production and environmental research in all areas and a world-class community working in health sciences.

A research consortium, called Global Food Systems 2050, can be constructed across all the campuses of the University to respond to these issues.

Through the Global Food Systems 2050 program, the WRI will be better able to lead the world in solving these issues by connecting the science of agriculture, food and health with the fundamental and dynamic economic, social and political sciences issues driving change.

This Consortium is core to the mission of WRI which as Director Roger Leigh puts it “is to harness the skills in the University of Adelaide and its partners to address these issues from paddock to plate”.

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