2014 Joseph Fisher Lecture: Nobel prize winner Professor Joseph Stiglitz presents on ‘The Price of Inequality’

The University of Adelaide, the School of Economics, the Don Dunston Foundation and the Economics Society of Australia were honoured to host Nobel Prize winner Professor Joseph Stiglitz as the guest speaker for the 2014 Fisher Lecture.

There was an overwhelming response to this year’s Fisher lecture, and with over 850 people in attendance the lecture was a sell-out event.

Professor Stiglitz spoke on ‘The Price of Inequality’ outlining that a divided society, largely shaped by government policy, endangers our collective future. Focused largely on American politics, and drawing evident comparisons with Australia’s economic and political landscape, Stiglitz’s anecdotes of pro-rich government policy, unequal wealth distribution and a declining middle-class highlighted that equality of both wealth and opportunity is abating in developed states.

Click here to watch the lecture.

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