Glenunga International High School students given an insight on international economics and unexpected economics

On Wednesday 26 August Prof Paul Kerin, Dr Stephanie McWhinnie and Dr Virginie Masson from the School of Economics visited Glenunga International High School. They spoke to about 120 students studying Year 11 and 12 economics, providing an overview of the School’s research in the areas that students are currently studying and discussed the breadth of issues that economics can be applied to.

The students were given the opportunity to participate in a fun game that involved different countries making their own decisions that affect a shared resource. It gave students insight into: the challenges of internationally shared resources (fish, air, peace, water, health); whether countries with different characteristics (e.g., poor versus rich) would make different decisions; how game theory can predict behaviour; the role of incentives; and why inter-country co-operation can be valuable – but challenging to achieve.

We would like to thank Richard Baum from GIHS for hosting this event and look forward to further collaboration with the school.

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