A Day in the Life of an Economics Student

On Friday 17 June over 100 year 11 and 12 students came on campus to experience first-hand studying economics at Adelaide.

The students were given a taste of what first year economics at Adelaide is like by attending a Principles of Economics lecture with Dr Raul Barreto, followed with a tutorial where they could explore the concepts discussed in more detail.

After a much needed BBQ lunch break the students got to experience a number of different activities to broaden their understanding of economics as a way of thinking and how this can be applied to have a real world impact. These activities included ‘freakonomics’, a behavioural economics lab, a careers in economics presentation and a resource and environmental economics workshop.

For some students it was their first time on campus so getting to explore was a highlight for many (along with lunch!).

The School of Economics was thrilled to host the students from Cardijn College, Glenunga International High School, Kings Baptist College, Pembroke and Rostrevor College on campus. It was fantastic to see the students so engaged in all of the sessions and we hope to see many of the students in the our classrooms over the next few years.

Cardijn students on campus

Cardijn students on campus


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