The John Lorenzo Young  Prize


  1. The prize will be known as “’The John Lorenzo Young Prize”.
  2. The annual value of the prize will be determined by the Faculty in accordance with the annual income from the fund. The annual value of the prize is currently $950.00 and will be paid directly to the student.
  3. One prize will be awarded once annually by the University to a student for research in economics.
  4. The prize will be awarded to the author of the thesis which in the opinion of the examiners is the best such report submitted in that year by a candidate for the Honours degree of Bachelor of Economics.
  5. If there is more than one candidate of equal merit, then the prize will be shared.
  6. If there is no candidate of sufficient merit in a given year then the prize will not be awarded in that year and the money will be used in subsequent years.
  7. The prize will not be awarded where:
    • student has provided false or misleading information with regard to their personal details;
    • student is guilty of serious misconduct in terms of the University Policy Rules for Student Conduct in the University.

The University may vary the rules from time to time in a manner consistent with the University’s legal obligations and policies.

2018 winner:  Daniel Hill

Daniel Hill with guest presenter, Brad Gay, Executive Director, Commercial & Economics Branch, Dept. of Treasury & Finance











2016 winner:  Timothy Hersey

2016 Prize Award Ceremony 001

Timothy Hersey with Guest Presenter Professor Abigail Payne, Director, Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research

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