The Ray Lewis Memorial Prize


Ray Lewis worked for the School of Economics for around twenty years.

Following his passing earlier this year the School felt that an appropriate way to honour Ray’s contribution to the School would be to endow a prize in his name for one of the subjects to which he contributed so much. Ray had a particular affinity for maths and members of the School felt a prize for the first year subject, Mathematics for Economists I would be appropriate. Members of the School made donations totalling over $1800 to introduce the new prize; the following rules are hereby made:


  1. The prize shall be known as The Ray Lewis Memorial Prize.
  2. The annual value of the prize shall be $200.
  3. The prize shall be awarded by the School of Economics to the Bachelor of Economics student obtaining the best result in Mathematics for Economists I provided that, in the opinion of the examiners, the candidate is of sufficient merit. Where two candidates are of equal merit, the prize shall be shared equally.
  4. The terms of the prize may be varied at any time by the School of Economics.
  5. The School of Economics received donations totalling $1800 and will award the prize for at least eight years (2000 through to and including 2007). The prize will be reviewed during 2008.

2018 winner:  Rohene Chatterjee



Rohene Chatterjee with Brad Gay, Executive Director, Commercial and Economics Branch, Dept. of Treasury & Finance

2017 winner:  Yean Ying Loh





Prize winner Yean Ying Loh with Prof. Jonathan Pincus

 2016 winner:  Phanthira Jirakaroonpong

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