Dr Alex Heath from the Reserve Bank talks to budding Economics students

On Thursday 10 August the School of Economics was pleased to welcome Year 12 students from a wide section of the SA school sector to the University of Adelaide.  Over 152 students were given the opportunity to hear a talk by Dr Alex Heath, Head of Economic Analysis at the Reserve Bank of Adelaide who gave an address on “The current economic conditions & monetary policy”.  After the address the students were given the opportunity to chat with Dr Heath and lecturers from the school.  We would like to thank the Economic Teachers Association of SA for organising this event and giving students the access to explore the opportunities of studying economics at a top university.

The presentation was particularly insightful and interesting. Through contemporary economic conditions, we were able to see how the knowledge that we have gained over the year is used in the real world, which I think will be very valuable for our learning. ”  – Libby (student)

“It is so valuable for students to see how economics has an impact on so many aspects of their world, it is a skill set they will carry with them for life” – Alice Spiers


RBA talk 2017

Alice Speirs, Economics teacher at Walford Anglican School for Girls (far left) with her Year 12 Economics students and Dr Alex Heath on the far right.

Alex and Cardijn Students RBA Evening Adelaide

Students from Cardijn College with Dr Alex Heath (centre) and Chris Burrows, Assistant Principal Cardijn College (right)


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