Reserve Bank Assist. Governor addresses Year 12 students

The School of Economics was very pleased to host a large contingent of Year 12 students from across the state to a keynote address given by Dr Luci Ellis, the Assistant Governor (Economic) of the Reserve Bank of Australia. The title of her address was Monetary Policy and Current Economic Conditions. This was followed by a lively question and answer session in which Ms Ellis was very generous of her time and extended her session to answer all the students’ questions.

Prior to the keynote speech, a panel of past and current Economics students also gave their time for a question and answer session which focused on why they chose Economics as their career path and where it has taken them. Panelists highlighted the power of economics in contributing to public policy and addressing contemporary global issues. They also discussed how an Economics degree can be combined with other degrees (to receive a double degree), the mobility of an economics career, and importance of women in economics.

The school would like to thank the Economic Teachers Society of South Australia for their organisation of the event, the Reserve Bank of Australia and Dr Luci Ellis for her generous support towards promoting the study of economics in South Australia.

From left to right: Georgia Wiley (Honours student), Madison Terrell (Bachelor of Economics Advanced student), Mackenzie Thompson (KPMG, alumni ) Sam Burt (Hons student), Dr Luci Ellis (Assistant Governor of RBA), Assoc. Prof. Duygu Yengin (Deputy Head of School), Elizabeth Alvaro (Deloitte Access, alumni, Chair of Women in Economics Network SA), Chris Burrows (President of the Economic Teachers Society of SA).




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